• STEM Pathways 
  • Career & Technical
  • Engineering and Pre-Engineering
  • Robotics (VEX)
  • Prototyping
  • Green Technology
  • Advanced Manufacturing
  • Automotive Technology
  • Virtual Modeling
  • Basic and Advanced Electronics
  • Biotechnology and Forensics
  • Health Sciences
  • 3D Printing
  • ​Coding

We are a proud supporter of: 

  • Skills USA in NYC and NY
  • Greater NY Auto Dealers Association



                                                                                                               Joe Zahra Associates, LLC

Here at Joe Zahra Associates, we are dedicated to you and all your unique education and program needs.

We believe in the hands on approach to learning.   Finding out what works best with the latest technology and methods is our goal.  We will put your students in the best position for learning and succeeding in a career.  We research and find the best resources for your classroom.

JZA is a single source with 30 years experience in the field.  We keep up with the newest technology.   Our belief is that students excel in their learning through hands on experiences such as project based learning and competitions.  Personal attention will be given to your needs, budget and facility.  Installations and training will receive personal attention for all products.   We are dedicated to follow up for upgrades, renewals and technical support.  We are committed to introducing you to the most relevant and cutting edge resources.