• VEX ROBOTICS -  a leader in educational robotics.  For detailed information and a quote,  CLICK HERE.

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  • WHITEBOX LEARNING - is a complete standards-based STEM learning system for Engineering, Science and Technology Education classrooms.   Students can design, analyze and simulate their designs and compete with other students throughout their district.    For a FREE Trial,    CLICK  HERE.



  • CONSULAB - Manufacturer of educational training materials adapted to meet the needs of technical and vocational schools inthe fields of transportation technology and electrical engineering as well as a line of industrial products for the electrical industry. 


  • ELECTUDE - has revolutionized vocational e-learning through the use of exciting, interactive animations and simulations.  Electude game based learning is the most effective and fun learning method in automative education.

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  • EDIBON  - manufactures more than 3000 Technical Teaching Units and 2800 different Software Packages in most technical areas.  This company uses Teaching Techniques such as 3D Physics, Real Time Control, Photoelasticity and more.    For detailed information and a Quote,     CLICK HERE.
  • AES (Applied Educational Systems)  - gives students the skills to succeed with curriculums in Health Sciences, Career Readiness, Computer Applications and Business Education.   For a FREE Trial,    CLICK HERE.
  • INTELITEK- transforming education across the globe through comprehensive technology learning solutions.  Their innovative tools and technologies empower instructors and inspire students to improve the world around them.  This product line has a unique combination of e-learning curriculum and industry-based lab hardware.​
  • ENVISION TEC  - is a professional 3D printing solution and delivers exhilarating performance.  Unlike traditional manufacturing with hundreds of steps between idea and creation - this company is precise, fast and smooth.    This is an experience in progressive 3D platform printing.  For detailed information and a Quote,    CLICK  HERE.